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  • Peak Oil Drives Change: Cuba’s Response

    Experts predict there will be a global peak in oil production some time between 2012 and 2020. From this point on, it will become increasingly difficult to extract oil. As a result, oil prices will go up and global oil production will experience a rapid decline. Oil-dependent economies such as ours will be forced to find other sources of energy.

  • Rediscover Herbal Beauty With Elizabeth From Amiya

    A tiny herb patch nestling in a hidden corner of her parent’s garden, her “secret” herb garden. That is Elizabeth’s earliest memory of herbs, that and picking chamomile at the edge of fields on family walks. Many years on and she has the joy of exploring herbs further for their uses in simple remedies, in the home, and in beauty treatments. The last of these has also become her own homegrown business, Amiya Natural Beauty which gives her the opportunity to share this passion through beautiful herbal products, and recipes her customers can make at home.

  • Tactile Interiors Celebrating UK Sustainable Design With New Launch

    Tactile Interiors the webstore which specialises in U.K sustainable design has added a new product to their range. The new Lotus Lampshades from UK designer Vanessa Battaglia are made from one sheet of natural felt, use no wires or support, except itself.