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The Future Of Feminine Hygiene

Femmecup is a soft, reusable menstrual cup worn internally just like a tampon, except it collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it. It is easy to use and forms a gentle seal with your vaginal walls so the flow is contained in the cup.

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Nutiva is the world’s leading brand of all-organic hemp, coconut and chia superfoods, dedicated to revolutionising the way the world eats with enjoyable foods packed with vital nutrients that are easy to add to your diet. Products include hemp seed, oil, protein and shake, coconut oil and manna, and chia seed.

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Amazing Grass
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Amazing Grass offer the most powerful vegetable on earth, consumable in a convenient way that aligns with hectic lifestyles. The timeless phrase, “you are what you eat”, sums up many of the responses of converts to Amazing Grass. Eat Grass and Get Healthy! Products are blends of wheat, barley, alfalfa grass, greens, superfoods and fruits, EFAs, pre and probiotics, all in one product!

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